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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - General

1. How do I get a booking confirmation?top

The confirmation is sent by e-mail to the address the customer gave us.

2. How do I get a voucher?top

The vouchers are always sent by e-mail to the address provided.

3. Why didn't I receive an e-mail with your quotation?top

Please verify if it went to your SPAM e-mail box. There are some e-mail accounts that reports to SPAM all unknown e-mails.

FAQ - Accommodation

1. I have a baby that needs a cot. Do I need to bring a cot or the hotel will provide that service?top

Mainly, all hotels have available cots for the clients and some charge a fee per night. This request must be done upon your reservation with us.

2. I only have a flight back at night. Can I check out later?top

The late check out is subject to availability by the hotel and it must be solicited at the hotel on your arrival.

3. Is the number of my room/apartment confirmed on the reservation?top

If you have a preference for a room or hotel area it will be requested. Yet it isn't guaranteed, once the location of the rooms is made by the hotel on your arrival, being subject to the hotel availability.

FAQ - Golf

1. Courses that require buggies and costs?top

For all courses details for buggies, go to Golf Courses section on this website.

2. Which courses should I play?top

This depends on locality to your resort, how far in time you wish to travel, budget, quality and in some cases handicap - we can advice following details provided.

3. Do I require a car to get to the courses?top

Depends on how many rounds you wish to play, if you are likely to play 3 or less then we suggest transfers to be the best option, 4 or more then a car would be the best bet.
Distance of the courses from your resort is also a further consideration.

4. Do I need to come to your office?top

It is nice to meet our clients, but if visiting our office causes a problem, no worries, on pre-payment in full we will get the vouchers to the courses any of our staff can advice on this.

5. Is it best to bring my own clubs?top

With the heavy cost of transporting clubs on some Airlines ( can be up to £30 each way ), in some cases hiring clubs will be saving you money, again if 2 to 3 rounds is all you wish to play, hiring seems preferable. 4 or more rounds, bringing your own equipment is better. There are various charges for hire clubs depending on quality and duration of hire. These can be hired from ourselves.

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